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ACE is the winner of the 2018 NACADA Region 9 Excellence in Advising Innovation Award!

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The Advising Communities of Excellence (ACE) Professional Development Program was created and implemented in July 2016 in order to help foster a more cohesive and collaborative advising culture at UCLA. The inaugural Director of Advising Professional Development, Dr. Marian Gabra, has created and implemented ACE, offering programs and interactive workshops that bring together campus advisors to engage critically with advising scholarship, and with the relationship between both its theory and practice. The ACE Director leads a committee of 20 extremely dedicated campus advisors, representing the five Schools, the College of Letters and Science, academic departments, and the Student Affairs division.



The Advising Communities of Excellence (ACE) Professional Development Program will enable academic advisors to build an inclusive community on campus intended to foster advising excellence. Through interactive programs designed to facilitate advisor development, ACE will create a space for advisors to connect and collaborate. Together, advisors will explore the relationship between theory and practice in order to build supportive learning communities, and to create a shared language of both academic advising and student support within the campus community. ACE aspires to contribute to the advising profession by articulating our innovative advising practices, engaging in conferences, and developing publication opportunities. ACE aims to cultivate a more intentional academic advising philosophy that will foster staff and student growth by promoting lifelong learning.


The Advising Communities of Excellence (ACE) Professional Development Program will build a collaborative social and intellectual community to nurture the professional growth of UCLA advisors. Through intentional program development, we will provide tangible resources and strategies for staff to support themselves and students through their intellectual, professional, and personal development. We believe strongly that quality advising enhances student learning and empowerment.


Motivated by core values of integrity, accountability, compassion, respect, and social responsibility, we are committed to the following:

  • building ourselves as advisors through professional enrichment, personal development, and self-care
  • learning, growing from, and teaching our advising community through collaboration
  • exploring, questioning, creating, and reexamining advising scholarship and practice
  • contributing to and advancing the field of academic advising
  • implementing a holistic advising approach that integrates students’ academic, social and personal lives
  • fostering the intellectual, professional, and personal development of students
  • empowering students to become active agents of their learning experience
  • promoting a culture of life-long learning in a diverse and ever-changing world

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