Students who were admitted as transfer students and attended a California community college can satisfy UCLA College General Education (G.E.) and College Proficiency Requirements*  by showing successful completion of IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum).

If you have completed IGETC, please speak to your community college about the following:

  1. (UCLA Preferred Method) Your school may issue a notation on your official transcript instead of issuing a separate certification form. UCLA will accept the notation if it clearly indicates the following:  “full UC IGETC certification”
  2. OR if your school can only issue a separate IGETC certification form (no notation on transcript), we will accept this document. Please make sure it indicates “full” and “UC” in the form.

If you have partial completion of IGETC, please speak to your community college about the following:

  1. Your school must issue the IGETC certification form that clearly indicates which areas were completed for the partial UC IGETC. (Please note that first-year admits are NOT eligible for partial IGETC.)
  2. A notation on the transcript will not suffice and credit will not be awarded.

All community college IGETC documentation submitted in person must be sealed and untampered with to be considered official.  If your community college is able to directly send the certification to UCLA electronically, that would be preferred for safety and security considerations.

More information on submitting transcripts and IGETC certifications can be found on the Registrar’s website .

*University Requirements (Entry-level Writing and American History and Institutions) are not automatically satisfied with IGETC.