The Bruin Readmission Program (BRP)  is a one-term intensive readmission option for students who have been academically dismissed from UCLA, offered through a collaboration between Center for Academic Advising in the College (CAAC) and the Academic Advancement Program (AAP), and the Student Retention Center (SRC).  The program is designed to help students succeed in completing their academic goals in the College, such as completing a degree and engaging in their academic careers.  Participants will be enrolled in either Winter or Spring.

If you weren’t able to attend our workshop, Returning to UCLA, you can still view the presentation information !

BRP is only one of several ways of being readmitted back to UCLA.  Other readmission options may be more appropriate.  Please make an appointment with an academic counselor who can carefully review your records and options.

Center for Academic Advising in the College
A316 Murphy Hall

Academic Advancement Program
1205 Campbell Hall