In order to be eligible to receive a bachelor’s degree from the UCLA College of Letters and Science, students must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The University Requirements  
    1. Entry Level Writing Requirement (formerly Subject A/ESL Subject A)
    2. American History and Institutions
  2. The College Requirements  
    1. Writing I and Writing II  
    2. Quantitative Reasoning  
    3. Foreign Language  
    4. Diversity Requirement   (for Freshman admitted Fall 2015 and thereafter, and Transfers admitted Fall 2017 and thereafter)
    5. General Education (also known as Foundations of Knowledge)  
  3. Preparation for the Major, and the Major
  4. Students must satisfy the College Residence Requirements (senior and major residency)
  5. Students must attain a minimum of 180 quarter units, and graduate within their time to degree
  6. Scholarship: students must have an overall GPA of 2.0 in all of their UC coursework, and a 2.0 GPA in the major coursework

Students in the College are held to the degree requirements from the catalog year that they were admitted to UCLA. Students are held to major/minor requirements from the term in which they were admitted to that major/minor.

UCLA students in the College of Letters and Science should meet with a College advisor to review College and University requirements, and with their department advisor to discuss requirements pertaining to the major.  Please see the Proficiencies & GE Requirements handout   for a pdf version of this information.  For an in-depth explanation of the differences between College and department advising, please see the College Advising & Departmental Advising   handout.

College Advisors

Full-time College advisors and staff are available to meet with UCLA College and Letters Science students to discuss university and the College requirements, including:

  • How to make meaning of your undergraduate experience
  • Degree requirements for graduation
  • Program planning (Double Majors)
  • Scholastic difficulty (Academic probation / STD)
  • Reentry/readmission
  • Referrals (campus resources)
  • Letters and Science academic policies and petitions

Major Department Advisors

For every undergraduate major at UCLA there is a major advisor who can assist students with academic planning for their individual major, including:

  • Adding a major
  • Major course planning
  • Questions regarding the availability of major courses
  • Major related course substitutions
  • Major related career advice