College undergraduates who attended a secondary institution [equivalent to a United States (U.S.) high school] where the primary language of instruction was not English for at least two years of study, may file a petition requesting to be exempt from the College’s Foreign Language requirement. This institution may be located in the U.S. or abroad–so long as the primary language of instruction is NOT English, your petition is eligible for consideration.

In order for the College to complete a review of this request, you must first ensure that an OFFICIAL transcript from the institution has been received by UCLA and is available for review in your record. For information on sending official transcripts to UCLA, please see the UCLA Office of Admission website.

Upon confirmation that an official transcript has been received, please select your advising/counseling unit below to submit your petition (you may check your Degree Audit to see your advising/counseling unit; if you select the wrong unit, your petition will not be processed).

Please note that petitions take a minimum of 10-15 business days to be reviewed and processed.

Approval of this petition is not guaranteed, and if a request is not approved, the student will be required to complete through level 3 of a foreign language (with a “C” or better or Passed grade) OR successfully place past level 3 and into level 4 or higher of a foreign language proficiency exam (contact department for details). See General Catalog for more information on the requirement.