Probation and Subject to Dismissal


You will be placed on probation if your term/overall GPA falls below 2.0 but is above or equal to 1.5.

  • If placed on probation, you will have two terms to get your overall GPA back to 2.0
  • If your term GPA falls below 2.0 while on probation, you will become Subject to Dismissal
  • If you do not bring your overall gpa to 2.0 or above within two terms, you will become Subject to Dismissal

Subject to Dismissal

There are three ways a student can become STD:

  • GPA in any one term falls below 1.5
  • Term GPA falls below 2.0 while on Probation
  • Student does not clear Probation within two terms (i.e., does not return to an overall GPA of 2.0 or better)

All STD students are sent a MyUCLA notification with academic guidelines that they must meet in order to regain good academic standing. The steps necessary to clear STD status depend on the individual student’s case. Students who are STD should follow the written instructions sent to them by their College advising unit. Some offices may offer special group sessions, and some may require or encourage individual appointments with Counselors.

Students who are either on Academic Probation or who are Subject To Dismissal may not take classes on a Pass/No Pass option grading basis.

Students who need to withdraw from any term while on Probation or Subject To Dismissal from a previous term should meet with an academic counselor in their College advising unit.