For UCLA College undergraduate students who have been academically dismissed or who are in violation of the multiple withdrawal policy, generally readmission work outside of UCLA is required to show academic stability before returning to UCLA. However, many factors contribute to poor academic performance and some circumstances may warrant an exception. If you have been dismissed or are in violation of the multiple withdrawal policy and would like to request an exception, you may file an appeal letter to request re-entry.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic counselor at their academic advising unit prior to submitting an appeal.

If you are requesting to be continued for the current term, appeals are due by Friday of Week 4.  After that, appeals will only be considered for future terms.

Preparing Your Appeal Letter

  1. Meet with a College advisor: Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a College counselor to discuss their circumstances, readiness to return, and intended major. Contact your College advising unit to schedule an appointment. If you have completed course work at another institution during your absence from UCLA, we recommend that you bring a copy of your transcript(s) to the appointment.
  2. Obtain Supporting Documentation (if applicable): 
    1. If appropriate, obtain documentation supporting the circumstances that impacted your academic performance and/or decision to withdraw multiple times.
    2. If you have documentation on file with the Center for Accessible Education that is relevant to your situation, you will need to request CAE submit verification directly to the Appeals Committee prior to submitting your appeal letter.
    3. If you have any documentationthat supports your explanation, please be sure to have them available to upload with your petition.
  3. Request a Departmental Evaluation (if applicable): If any of the following situations applies to you, please request an evaluation from the department of your intended major to be submitted directly to the Appeals Committee prior to submitting your appeal letter.
    1. If the classes in which you have been experiencing problems are preparation or major courses; or
    2. If you have not completed any or have completed very few courses in your intended major; or
    3. If you will exceed your time to degree, defined as Spring or Summer of your fourth year (if admitted as a first year student) or Fall of your third year (if admitted as a transfer student).
  4. Complete a Degree Plan Contract (if applicable): If you are not enrolled in the current term, download and fill out a Degree Plan Contract, and contact your department to obtain their approval on the plan.
  5. Write a Statement (i.e. Appeal Letter): You will need to submit a written explanation of your situation saved as a Word or PDF document.  It is strongly recommended that you draft this prior to submitting your appeal.  You will need to address the following questions:
    1. What circumstances led to your dismissal or multiple withdrawals?
    2. What was the chronology of events?
    3. Since your dismissal or discontinuation, what has changed in your circumstances and what steps have you taken to fully resolve or better manage those circumstances so that they will no longer have a negative impact on your academic progress?

Submitting Your Appeal

Please select your advising/counseling unit to submit your appeal.  You may check your Degree Audit Report (DAR) on MyUCLA to see your advising/counseling unit. If you select the wrong unit, your appeal will not be processed.  Please allow 10-15 working days from the date of submission for processing.  After your appeal letter is reviewed by the Appeals Committee, your advising unit will contact you via Message Center to set up an appointment to discuss the results of your appeal with an academic advisor/counselor.