The Expected Cumulative Progress Policy (ECP) is designed to promote four-year graduation for undergraduates in the College of Letters and Science. ECP is a progress check that occurs every two quarters that you are enrolled. If a student is not making steady progress towards his/her bachelor’s degree, which can happen for a number of reasons, the student will be required to meet with his/her College Counselor. With a College Counselor, a realistic plan will be discussed with the goal of graduating in a timely manner.

Section 1: ECP Policy

Undergraduate students in the College are required to enroll in a minimum of 13 units per quarter. Students are also required to meet cumulative progress unit expectations as outlined in the expected cumulative progress table below.

F 1 13 13
W 2 1st Check 27 14
S 3 42 15
F 4 2nd Check 56 14
W 5 71 15
S 6 3rd Check 86 15
F 7 101 15
W 8 4th Check 116 15
S 9 132 16
F 10 5th Check 148 16
W 11 164 16
S 12 6th Check 180 16

*Based on consecutive registered terms of Fall (F), Winter (W), and Spring (S). Only completed quarters are monitored for ECP.
**Excludes units prior to UCLA.

When do ECP checks happen?

ECP Checks only occur on registered even-numbered quarters. If a student is consistently enrolled at UCLA in the first year, his/her academic progress will be checked once after Winter quarter (quarter 2, completed 27 UC units). During the second year, the student‘s academic progress is checked twice (quarters 4 and 6). See Guidelines Chart above.

Students who transferred to UCLA start at the 7th Term on the ECP Guidelines. Transfer students are expected to graduate in two years. In order to make academic progress, transfer students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Counselor to discuss a plan on how to graduate in two years.

Keep in mind, these unit targets do not include AP/IB credit or any community college units completed prior to UCLA matriculation.

Units completed during summer at another institution can be applied towards ECP. Once transcripts have been received and evaluated by UCLA Admission then the units are added to the previous term (Spring).

Note: Once you reach 105 units no further unit credit from a community college will apply.

How do ECP checks happen?

ECP Progress Checks automatically occur every two quarters that a student is registered. If a student does not meet the expected units, a hold will be automatically placed on the student record the following quarter. To remove the hold, the student will be required to meet with a College Counselor to discuss his/her academic progress and create a realistic program plan.

If a student catches up with ECP by the next monitored term, then no hold will be placed. If the student is confident that he/she will graduate within four years, then file an ECP Exemption Plan.

Since ECP Progress checks and holds are automatic, holds cannot be preemptively avoided. However, students are encouraged to meet with a College Counselor at any time for guidance in creating appropriate study lists and to set a realistic program plan.

Track your progress on MyUCLA (Classes tab > Grades and Transcripts > Expected Cumulative Progress).

What does an ECP hold do?

ECP holds will prevent you from making current study list changes on MyUCLA (e.g. change of grading basis, drop a course) and prevent enrollment for the following term. Campus services may also be restricted. ECP holds are typically placed after your monitored term during week 5.

Verify your holds on MyUCLA (Academics Tab > Academic Profile > Holds). ECP holds will be removed in an appointment or, for first-time shortages, through enrollment and successful completion of the ECP Online Workshop found on your CCLE page.

How do ECP shortages happen?

ECP Shortages happen when a student has not completed sufficient units as outlined in the ECP Guidelines above. This may be the result of dropping or failing courses or other circumstances.

If you will not meet your expected units, the College will send a courtesy message through MyUCLA informing you of the upcoming ECP Progress Check.

Track your progress on MyUCLA (Classes tab > Grades and Transcripts > Expected Cumulative Progress).

What happens when I have an ECP shortage?

Track your progress on MyUCLA (Classes tab > Grades and Transcripts > Expected Cumulative Progress).

If you do not meet the ECP unit target outlined in the ECP Guidelines during a monitored term, a hold will be placed on your record the following quarter. You will need to meet with your College Counselor to check your academic progress, chart out a program plan, and have the hold removed.2ND ECP SHORTAGE*
If you have a 2nd ECP Shortage, another hold will automatically be placed on your record and you will need to meet with a College Counselor again to discuss your progress and create a new program plan.

*If you intend to graduate in four years total, you may file an ECP Exemption by submitting a Degree Plan Contract. The College Counselor will also advise you on the potential outcomes of a 3rd ECP Shortage if you do not follow the program plan discussed with the counselor.

If you have your 3rd ECP Shortage, a hold will automatically be placed on your record. You will need to meet with College Counselor to check your academic progress and chart out a program plan. If you can graduate in four years, you may file an ECP Exemption. Once filed, a committee will review your plan. If approved, your hold will be removed and you will be exempt from monitoring based on your plan to graduate in four years.

If you are not graduating in four years, you will need to check-in with a College Counselor to discuss the ECP Appeal Process. The hold will not be removed until the appeal has been submitted and reviewed. Your Degree Plan Contract may be approved as is or with modifications and you may be monitored every quarter. If your appeal is not approved or you do not follow your Degree Plan Contract, you may be required to complete units at another institution (e.g. UCLA Extension or other four-year institution).

Students in their 12th quarter who are not graduating and have an ECP Shortage (1st, 2nd or 3rd ECP Shortage) must submit a Degree Plan Contract and may also need to file an ECP Appeal letter to their academic counseling unit. Consult with your College Counselor to determine if you need to file an appeal letter.

Section 2: ECP Exemption Program

If you were (1) admitted as a first year student, (2) have completed two years, and (3) can complete all requirements for your undergraduate degree within four years, you are eligible to apply for an exemption from ECP Progress Checks.

  1. Complete a Degree Plan Contract, outlining a realistic plan for finishing your degree in four years. You may consult with a College Counselor to verify that your program plan will satisfy all College requirements.
  2. Have your departmental advisor(s) for your major(s) and minor(s) sign the Degree Plan Contract.
  3. Declare your Degree Expected Term on MyUCLA (Academics tab > Academic Profile > Declare Candidacy Term).
  4. Submit your contract to your academic counseling unit. (Please note that you may check your Degree Audit to see your College advising/counseling unit. If you select the wrong unit, your petition will not be processed.)
  1. Check the status of your ECP Exemption on MyUCLA (Academics tab > Advising and Academic Services > Petitions) within five to 10 business days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your ECP Exemption Program Plan is approved, then you will no longer be monitored for ECP and will not be allowed to register after your last term. An enrollment lock will be placed on your record once your exemption is approved to prevent enrollment after the last term on your Degree Plan Contract.

If there are substantive changes to your program plan (e.g. not graduating in four years), it may result in a rescission of your exemption. Consult with a College Counselor if you must make subsequent changes to your program plan.

STUDENTS REGISTERED WITH THE CENTER FOR ACCESSIBLE EDUCATION (CAE): If you are registered with CAE and a reduced course load is recommended by a physician, therapist, etc., you are eligible to be exempt from ECP. Please consult with CAE for the appropriate verification which should then be submitted to your College advising/counseling unit for processing.

Section 3: ECP Appeal/Time to Degree

If you have had at least 3 consecutive ECP shortages and will not be able to graduate by Spring or Summer of your fourth year, you must submit a Time to Degree Petition.   Please check the box on the petition that you are submitting an ECP appeal.

Section 4: Other ECP Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my ECP Progress?

Log onto MyUCLA (Classes tab > Grades and Transcripts > Expected Cumulative Progress ). Verify if you have an ECP hold on MyUCLA (Academics > Academic Profile > Holds).

Does AP/IB credit count towards ECP?

AP/IB credit and any community college courses completed during high school and prior to UCLA matriculation DO NOT count for ECP. ECP only checks for units completed after you become a UCLA student.

These AP/IB credit and community college credit (if unit credit is earned) will apply towards the minimum 180 unit requirement to graduate.

For more information on community college credit, see Transferring Credit.

What if after my 1st ECP Shortage, I catch up in my next monitored term, but in the next check, I have an ECP Shortage again?

If you catch up and avoid your 2nd ECP Shortage, then you are making progress towards your degree and satisfying ECP. If, after catching up with ECP, you have another ECP Shortage, then it will again be considered a 1st ECP Shortage. A hold will be placed on your record and you will need to meet with your Academic Counselor to discuss your plans for graduating.

When I repeat a course, do I earn ECP credits?

Yes, for the first 16 units of repeats, a repeated course will be calculated as units toward your ECP total. Repeated units beyond 16 units will not count toward ECP.

Please note that grades of F or NP (No Pass) do not earn units and therefore do not count towards ECP.

Do courses graded "IP", "DR", or "I" count toward my ECP credits?

Units graded IP (In Progress) count for the quarter in which a multiple-term course is completed. Units graded “I” (Incomplete) are not counted until a passing grade is recorded; then you receive ECP credits for the quarter in which the “I” grade is removed.

A “DR” (Deferred Report) will count towards ECP only when the DR grade is removed and replaced with a passing grade, after it has been resolved.

If I am taking a class that does not carry units towards my degree (such as ESL 33A), do I still receive ECP credit when I complete the class?

Yes, you earn ECP credit for all UCLA classes, even if the course does not count toward completing your bachelor’s degree. These courses include: Chemistry 17, English Composition A, and ESL 33A.

What if I am on Academic Probation or Subject to Dismissal?

If you are on Academic Probation or STD, your first priority should be to raise your GPA and return to good academic standing. You may meet with your counselor to help you plan carefully, taking into consideration your special academic needs and personal challenges. Once you are back in good academic standing, your counselor will help you plan accordingly to keep on track and graduate in a timely manner.

What happens to my ECP monitoring while I am studying abroad through EAP?

Due to the way EAP is programmed, your term abroad will count as an ECP term but no units will appear until your transcripts are submitted and evaluated by UCLA Admission. Depending on your progress, you may have an ECP shortage. If you are abroad and have an ECP hold, simply send a message through UCLA Message Center to your academic advising unit to defer the hold until you return. Most students are on track for ECP once their transcripts are evaluated and articulated on their record.