Eligibility for a Fee Reduction

  1. Requests for part-time attendance will be granted only for documented reasons of occupation, home and family responsibilities, or health which prevent the student from carrying full-time study loads and is presumed to be permanent in nature.
  2. The student must demonstrate a need for part-time study for a minimum of three consecutive quarters.
  3. The student must enroll in 10 units or less in each of the three consecutive quarters.
  4. The student must submit the application for fee reduction with accompanying documentation no later than Friday of the second week of the quarter.

How to Petition for a Fee Reduction

  1. Obtain the Undergraduate Request for Fee Reduction petition online from the Registrar’s webpage .
  2. Return the completed petition and all supporting documentation to your advising unit before the end of the second week of instruction of the quarter for which qualification is being requested.
  3. If you are not able to submit your petition in person, please send your petition and supporting documentation to your UCLA College advising unit via Message Center  by Friday of Week 2.
  4. If your petition is approved it will be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for recording and processing before the end of the third week of instruction of the quarter for which qualification is being requested.
  5. Students approved for part-time attendance who become enrolled in or receive credit for ten or more units during a quarter will be required to pay the full fees for that quarter.
  6. Students who do not complete 3 quarters of Fee Reduction before returning to fulltime enrollment may be assessed full fees for the term(s) in which they had enrolled in Fee Reduction.