Below are examples of course limitations for students in the College of Letters and Science. Students who exceed the limitations allowed will not earn credit toward degree. For a complete list of course limitations and credit deductions, please visit the General Catalog .

Education Abroad Program: 48 units plus an additional 8 units for students participating in the Intensive Language Program.

Independent Studies (195-199): 8 units per quarter. No more than 32 units may be taken for a letter grade. See more detailed information.

300 and 400 level Courses: No more than 8 units of 300 and 400 level courses from UCLA will automatically be applied toward the Bachelors Degree. These courses count as general units and may not be used in satisfaction of the College’s upper division requirement. (An exception to the rule is granted to students pursuing the Math-Education Program; see your undergraduate advisor for more information.)

Performance Classes (Music and Dance): A total of 12 units of credit for performance courses.

Physical Education Courses: 4 units.

Aerospace Studies: 36 units.

Military Science: 26 units.

Naval Science: 26 units.