The Degree Plan Contract (DPC) helps to see what your remaining requirements are and how you plan to satisfy them.  You do not necessarily need to take courses in the exact term specified, except in cases where courses are only offered in certain terms or are sequential.  As long as your plan is substantively followed, you can take classes in different terms than the one indicated, as long as all requirements will be satisfied by the quarter indicated.

For most requirements, you only need to list them generally (e.g., HIST GE or UD Major or LD Prep, where “UD” and “LD” mean “upper division” and “lower division” respectively).  You only need to list specific courses if they are only offered in specific quarters and need to be taken at that time (e.g., PHY SCI 107 is only offered in the Fall, so you should list it in a Fall term, but other major requirements are more flexible, so you may list those as “UD major” or “UD PHY SCI”).

The department should only initial courses that are required to complete the prep and major requirements, even if there are additional courses listed.  Please note that the DPC is only intended to indicate what is required to complete the major, and does not guarantee admission to the major.  Please contact the department for eligibility requirements and procedures.

The DPC must be signed by all departments for which you wish or plan to complete a major or minor.  Please see our Departmental Advisors Directory for contact information for departments.

Download the Degree Plan Contract here .