UCLA is a research institution, committed to promoting new knowledge through research and scholarship. As UCLA students, you are learning material on the cutting edge. The University expects you to contribute to knowledge production by engaging with your community of scholars in and outside of the classroom, whether it’s in class discussion or through independent research with a faculty mentor. We urge you to take advantage of this rich landscape, and to be open to discovering your interests and passions.

If you are undecided, undeclared, and open to options, then you are in a great position to explore the various disciplines that UCLA has to offer in order to expand your intellectual horizons.

If you already know which major you will pursue, then we encourage you to consider the abundant opportunities on this campus to enrich your academic experience.

Every UCLA major holds a high level of prestige, providing you with critical thinking, analytical, oral and written communication, reasoning, theoretical, and application skills. UCLA majors are not necessarily designed to funnel you into a specific career path. Contrary to the idea that your major defines your career, your major is only one of the many components that will contribute to your post graduate aspirations.

When considering a major, we advise you to pursue one that highlights your strengths and interests, and that facilitates academic excellence and personal enrichment. All majors at UCLA provide students with transferrable skills for a variety of dynamic fields and professions.

Now, go and FIND YOUR MAJOR !

UCLA houses over 100 majors. This assessment tool will guide you in the process of understanding the many options that align with your interests and academic strengths, helping you to make an informed decision about your academic plan.