All students within the College of Letters and Science must graduate with a major.  You may refer to the General Catalog   for a complete list of approved majors.

Be aware that certain major departments maintain unit limits by which the major must be declared; i.e., you must declare the major before you have completed a certain number of units. Please consult with the individual departmental counselors   to determine the prerequisite coursework that you need to complete and the specific grade point average requirements as early as possible to be sure you can be admitted to the major.

Declaring your Major

When you are ready to declare the major, check with the department for the proper procedure. Some departments can make the change online immediately, while others may require you to submit the Change of Major petition (available from either the major department or online  ) to your departmental counselor for approval. Some majors require an application or only admit students at certain times of the year.

Changing your Major

Obtain the approval signature of the departmental advisor who will evaluate your coursework.  The department will then submit the petition to the Office of the Registrar on your behalf.  If the department can change your major online, no paperwork is necessary.

Changing your Major to Undeclared

No departmental signature is necessary.  Simply submit the petition directly to your College advising unit. Please also notify your former department that you are dropping the major — both as a courtesy to them and to avoid any possible confusion.