ACE Advocates Mission

Advisors contribute significantly to student learning and development, and to the mission of the University. ACE Advocates aims to amplify the voices of advisors, thus empowering this community to be seen, heard, and valued. Through the development of resources, intentional programming, initiatives, assessment, and with the understanding of the personal and professional needs of advisors, this committee will provide interpersonal, institutional, and systemic support that values quality of work environment for advisors.


  • Provide language, tools, and support to empower the advising community to advance the personal and professional needs of advisors
  • Encourage advisors to reflect on and share with stakeholders the value and impact of advising within the University
  • Foster a sustainable and healthy working environment in order to retain quality advisors
  • Reward quality advising and recognize excellent management of advisors (MSOs, CAOs, faculty)
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Application Submission

The ACE Committee is excited to introduce ACE Talks, a new initiative created to feature the unheard narratives of advisors!

Calling all storytellers! Do you want to share your story in a 10-20 minute ACE Talk? Do you want to feel supported by your advising community? Are you looking for opportunities to grow as a compelling public speaker? If so, then please complete this application to be considered to present at an ACE Talks event.

Our journeys are rarely linear. Many of us have traversed a winding path, both personally and professionally. Given that we are in critical positions to guide students through their academic, professional, and personal journeys, it is imperative that we create fruitful spaces where we can reflect, share, and learn from each other’s stories. This initiative aims to empower advisors, and aspires to foster brave spaces where we may be seen and heard, and where we may cultivate deep connections.

The ACE Committee will work closely with you, providing individualized support and guidance in developing your ACE Talk.

Not sure where to start? Here are some questions to consider when developing your ACE Talk:

  • What lessons have you learned in your advising journey about the importance of building connections and community?
  • How have you cultivated relationships, fostered communities, or inspired colleagues and students to overcome adversity?
  • What challenges and celebrations have you experienced that define who you are or the work you do?
  • How do you inspire others while also inspiring yourself?

Our hope is for the ACE community to engage in dialogue through love, warmth, humor, and respect to inspire personal and professional growth within higher education.

Please submit your application by Friday, November 22nd at 5pm.
Selected candidates will be notified by Friday, December 13th.
Our first ACE Talks event will be featured during the 2020 Winter Quarter.
Please submit any questions to