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Welcome to your Academic Advising/Counseling Research Guide. We hope that you will find this guide invaluable as you grow as a practitioner-researcher. This guide is developed for an inclusive community of higher education professionals, both at the 4-year and community college levels. We hope that academic advisors, counselors, faculty, administrators, and students will use this research guide as a resource to foster best practices and intellectual inquiry within the field of academic advising and higher education.

We are sensitive to the fact that individuals may identify as either academic advisors or academic counselors, and our intention is to be inclusive of all professionals. For the purpose of this guide, we use the term academic advising, while recognizing that advising practice is situated in an interdisciplinary framework,  rooted in educational counseling, and critical inquiry from diverse academic disciplines and scholarly perspectives.

How to use this research guide

There are many ways to get started! You can connect with an advising community of practice, learn how to get started and plan a research projectfind books and articles on advising research, explore open data sources, or contact us to share your ideas for improving this guide.

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