If a student has been academically dismissed, they may submit an appeal asking to be continued without doing readmission work.  If they have been struggling in preparation or major courses, or if they have completed only a few or no classes in a new intended major, they will need to submit a Departmental Evaluation along with their appeal.

This evaluation is critical in helping the College to determine what factors have caused the poor performance, and whether the student is likely to be successful if continued and in their chosen major.  We have revised the form in hopes that it will be easier for you to indicate areas of concern. Please be sure to be as honest as possible in your evaluation.  We rely on your professional expertise and knowledge of your discipline and the classes to assist us in evaluating a student’s ability to complete the major, and we greatly appreciate the time you spend in supporting us.

Students who are not currently enrolled and who are not asking to be continued for the current term will also need a Degree Plan Contract.  Students who have been dismissed in the term immediately preceding the current term and are asking to be continued do not need a DPC.

Please download the Departmental Evaluation form .  After filling it out, upload it to Counselor Desktop as a Note.  This will allow the evaluation to be shared with the College in a way that is most efficient and secure.

  1. On the menu in Counselor Desktop directly above the Records of Interview select CREATE NOTE.
  2. This will create new note in the Records of Interview section.  In the Note Type drop down, please choose ADMINISTRATIVE.
  3. Please indicate in the main comments field of the note that this is a departmental evaluation and save the note.
  4. Once the note has been saved, go the the note and click on the paper icon with a green + sign directly above the note text field to attach the departmental evaluation to this note.
  5. In the next screen, you will be able to choose the evaluation file to upload to the note.
  6. Please be sure to select “STAFF” for the access level to ensure the College can view the evaluation.

Note that students are not able to see what is uploaded.  However, if they request a copy of their student records, they would receive a copy (this is the same as when we had paper copies as evaluations would still be a part of their student records).

Thank you!  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Departmental Evaluation form