Taking General Education (GE) courses at UCLA is an excellent way to explore a variety of academic interests in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and life and physical sciences. Students pursuing a liberal arts degree obtain a well-rounded education that enables them to see the intersections across academic disciplines. GE courses teach students the necessary foundational skills, knowledge, and methods to solve the world’s greatest challenges with ingenuity and through a scholarly approach. They provide students with transferable skills, such as critical thinking, written and oral communication, collaboration, data analysis, and the art of asking compelling questions. GE courses also encourage students to either explore coursework outside of their major or to discover their academic interests and major.

We invite students to enroll in GEs that not only fulfill specific requirements, but also pique their curiosity. These requirements are designed to expose students to different ways of thinking, inviting them to learn more about who they are and where their interests lie.

Transfer students with 90 or more units who have completed the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) will have satisfied the General Education requirement.

For a list of courses that will satisfy the GE requirements, see the GE Courses Master List . To find GE courses being offered in the Schedule of Classes, go to the Schedule of Classes  and search by General Education.

For information on petitioning to apply transfer courses to UCLA College General Education requirements, see the Transfer Course Credit Petitions page.

Foundations of the Arts and Humanities
Literary and Cultural Analysis 1 Course
Philosophical and Linguistic Analysis 1 Course
Visual and Performance Arts Analysis & Practice 1 Course
          Total = 15 units minimum
Foundations of Society and Culture
Historical Analysis 1 Course
Social Analysis 1 Course
& Third course from either subgroup 1 Course
          Total = 15 units minimum
Foundations of Scientific Inquiry
Life Sciences 2 Courses
Physical Sciences 2 Courses
In each subgroup, one of the two courses must be 5 units and carry either laboratory/demonstration or Writing II credit.

For students entering Fall Quarter 2009 through Fall Quarter 2016, the laboratory requirement is reduced to one 5-unit laboratory/demonstration or Writing II course from either subgroup. Other courses in the subgroups may be 4 units.

           Total = 18 units minimum
(17 units minimum for Fall 2009-Fall 2016 admits)
Total GE 10 classes/48 units minimum
(47 units minimum for Fall 2009-2016 admits)