UCLA Extension sponsors a wide range of programs designed to offer members of the community opportunities for educational, cultural, civic, and personal enrichment.  In order to receive degree credit for work done at UCLA Extension, you must take courses numbered X 1-199XL 1-199, or XLC 1-199 and be taken in a quarter in which you are NOT attending UCLA regular session (fall, winter or spring quarters). The only time that you will receive credit for these extension courses is during Summer Session or if you have taken the regular term off.

Please be aware that the type of credit you receive will vary according to the “category” in which your class falls. Read below for a detailed description of each category of coursework:

  • XLC signifies that the Extension course is also a regular UCLA daytime class with space available to those who are not fully enrolled UCLA students. Grades from XLC classes, if transferred, are computed into your UCLA GPA.
  • XL classes share course numbers with regular UCLA courses, but are often taught by different professors at night or on weekends. Specific UCLA course numbers and unit credit are given for XL transfer courses, but the grade is not calculated into your UCLA GPA.
  • courses transfer to UCLA with course titles and units but no grades. However, you may petition to have them fulfill particular requirements; consult your department or College counselor for more information.

Remember: since credit from UCLA Extension is treated like credit from another University:

  • You must have your UCLA Extension transcripts sent to the UCLA Undergraduate Admission .
  • Be aware that enrolling simultaneously in a regular UCLA session and in classes through Extension is considered Concurrent Enrollment and generally NOT allowed.