If you are not registered for one quarter or you withdraw from one quarter, you will still be considered a continuing student, and MyUCLA  your enrollment will be automatically activated for the next quarter.  In that case, you will not be required to file for readmission. However, if you do not register for two or more quarters in a row, you must file for readmission.  Note that if you withdraw from a quarter and do not register (pay fees) for the following quarter, you must still file an application for readmission.

If you are in good academic standing (2.0 or higher GPA), can finish your degree within the maximum units allowed, and are able to meet the academic residence requirements, then you will be readmitted to the university. Please check with a counselor in your UCLA College advising unit if you have concerns about your specific case.

How to Apply for Readmission

Applications for readmission are available online at the Registrar’s website . The application fee is $70, and the deadlines are listed on the front of the application (roughly six weeks prior to the first day of the term).  Late submission of the Application For Readmission will result in a $15 late fee in addition to the cost of readmission.

If you have attended any institution (including UCLA Extension or another UC) during your absence, you must also provide official transcripts of all coursework taken while out.

Criteria for Acceptance

If you are in good standing and can finish your degree within the maximum unit limit, readmission is automatic, provided that you meet the deadline, and have no holds on your record. If you are in academic difficulty or have been dismissed from the University, please work with a counselor in your UCLA College advising unit to develop a plan for readmission.


Consult the Registrar’s page on Readmission  for exact dates.  As noted above, the deadline for readmission is usually six weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter.