The Pass/No Pass grading option was implemented to permit students to explore areas of possible academic interest outside of their areas of expertise. It was not intended to be used to cover such circumstances as poor performance, superior performance, poor judgment, change of major, or illness; nor was the option of taking a course Pass/No Pass intended to be reversible late in the quarter in order to allow a student who has performed well to take advantage of a good grade.

Students can change the grading basis of a course on their MyUCLA  page until Friday of the Sixth Week of instruction. After that point a student who wishes to change the grading basis of a course from a letter grade to Pass/No Pass, or vice versa, must submit a Late Change of Credit Detail petition. No signatures are required except when requesting a change from P/NP to a letter grade. Please note, however, that these petitions are rarely granted.

You can pick up this form at your College advising unit or at any ASK Peer Counseling Location. Please wait 5-10 working days before checking the status of your petition on your MyUCLA  page.

Deadline: Graduation, but you are encouraged to file your petition as soon as possible.

Fee: $20, if petition is filed on or before the last day of instruction in the 10th week; $35, if filed after the last day of instruction.

Effect on Transcript: There will be a notation on your transcript which reflects the date of the change.