The College Blue Petition  is used to request exceptions to academic regulations due to unusual and/or unforeseen circumstances.

How to file a Blue Petition

Blue petitions may be obtained online , from your UCLA College advising unit. Please complete the top half of the petition and write your request as clearly, completely, and specifically as possible. Submitting an unintelligible or ambiguous request will likely result in your petition being delayed or denied. Please feel free to see a College Counselor or a College Academic Mentor regarding regarding your request if you have any questions. Petitions are normally processed within 10-15 business days. Students should check the status of their petitions on MyUCLA  to see whether it is approved or denied, or requires further information or action.

If you are requesting an exception to a rule (e.g., extending an incomplete, concurrent enrollment, maximum units, senior residency), you should provide a full explanation, including documentation when appropriate, indicating why the College should make an exception.

You should submit your blue petition online. We accept a PDF or JPG of the completed blue petition  along with a PDF or JPG of your supporting documentation and/or Degree Plan Contract as attachments to a MyUCLA Message Center   message directed to the appropriate topics queue for your specific UCLA College advising unit.  See the specific supporting documentation required for each of the types of blue petitions outlined in the tabbed box above.  Please allow 10-15 working days for processing and consideration.

Fee: None.

Deadline: None. There is no specific deadline for Blue Petitions, but filing must occur prior to graduation. In some cases timeliness may be an issue, so students are encouraged to file petitions earlier rather than later.

Effect on Transcript: changes may be noted in the Memoranda section of your Degree Audit depending on your request. With the exception of restoration of credit deductions, your Degree Audit will reflect changes in degree requirements if your petition is approved.

1 Please DO NOT use the College Blue Petition for the following reasons as these requests will NOT be approved:

  • Concurrent enrollment during your first quarter at UCLA.
  • To graduate with less than 180 units
  • To graduate with less than 60 upper division units

The following procedures are handled with specific, separate petitions and do not use the Blue Petition:

Please consult your UCLA College advising unit if you are unsure about which petition to use.