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UCLA courses that satisfy the English requirement for health professions schools:


The following courses will each satisfy part of the “one-year English requirement” for most professional schools in the health sciences. In addition, many of these courses will also satisfy the College of Letters & Science Writing II requirement, or L&S General Education requirements.

*Note that the L&S General Education requirements are new for students that enter Fall 02 and after. Anyone that has entered BEFORE Fall 02 should follow the old GE structure. In addition, some courses will only satisfy the new GE structure, and not the old one. Check with your college advising unit listed below for more details.*

The general rule is that courses offered through the English department and any course satisfying the Writing II requirement (indicated by a “W” after the course number) will satisfy part of the English requirement for professional schools in the health sciences.

*Please check with individual schools for final confirmation of these selections.*

To fulfill one year of English, we recommend that you take one literature course; one composition/expository writing course (Writing Programs and “W” courses included in this category); and one additional course in either literature or composition. The “W” provides a “writing intensive” notation on your official transcript. Please feel free to take more! Additional courses in composition and literature can both enhance your application, and help your performance on exams such as the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), Dental Admissions Test (DAT), Optometry Admissions Test (OAT), etc.

Course List

The following grid lists recommended courses in alphabetical order by department. These courses are not necessarily offered each quarter, or each academic year. Check the Schedule of Classes each quarter for availability. Courses that have more than one category checked DO NOT automatically satisfy more than one requirement. Check with your College advising office for details:

  • AAP students go to 1209 Campbell Hall;
  • College Honors students go to A-311 Murphy Hall;
  • Student Athletes go to the Morgan Center; and
  • all other College of Letters & Science students go to A-316 Murphy Hall to verify GE, Writing I and II requirements.
  • Engineering students go to 6426 Boelter Hall;
  • Arts & Architecture students go to 194 Kinross Building South; and
  • Theater, Film & Television students go to 103 East Melnitz

Consult the catalog for course descriptions.

Ancient Near East 10W – Jerusalem: The Holy City X X
Applied Ling. & TESL 101W – Intro to Language X X
Learning and Language Teaching
Classics 41W – Discovering Roman Literature X X
Comp Lit 2AW – Survey of Literature X X
Comp Lit 2BW – Survey of Literature X X
Comp Lit 2CW – Survey of Literature X X
Comp Lit 2DW – Survey of Literature X X
Comp Lit 4AW – Literature and Writing X X
Comp Lit 4BW – Literature and Writing X X
Comp Lit 4CW – Literature and Writing X X
Comp Lit 4DW – Literature and Writing X X
East Asian Lan & Cul 60W – Intro to Buddhism X
English 3 – English Comp, Rhetoric, and Language X
English 3H – English Comp, Rhet, and Lan. (Hnrs) X
English 4W** – Critical Reading and Writing X X
English 4HW** – Crit. Reading &Writing (Honors) X X
English 10A – English Lit to 1660 X
English 10B – English Lit to 1660-1832 X
English 30W – Intermediate Academic Writing X
English 70 – Major British Authors before 1800 X
English 75 – Major British Authors 1800-present X
English 80 – Major American Authors X
English 85 – American Novel X
English 90 – Shakespeare X
English 95A – Intro to Poetry X
English 95B – Intro to Drama X
English 95C – Intro to Fiction X
English 100W – Interdisciplinary Academic Writing X
English 129A-D – Academic Writing in the Disc.
English 131A-D – Specialized Writing
Any upper division English course is okay
French 14W – Intro to French Civilization X X
General Education cluster classes Fall 02 and after X X
German 60W – War X X
German 62W – Technoscience and German Culture X X
History 10BW – Intro to Civ. Of Africa since 1800 X X
HC 21W – Rise and Fall of Modernism X X
HC 22W – Intro to Ethical Theory X X
HC 32W – Creativity and Culture X X
HC 33W – Art of Engagement X X
HC 38W – Body-Mind Literacy X X
HC 40W – Transformations of Cultural Stories X X
HC 41W – A Thousand Worlds: Literature of Renaissance Art X X
Renaissance Art HC 46W – Literature of Testimony X X
HC 59W – Lit. & Culture of the American South X X
HC 83W – Politics and Rhetoric of Literature X X
Life Science 2W^ – Cells, Tissues and Organs X X
Music History 12W – Writing about Music X X
Philosophy 22W – Intro to Ethical Theory X X
Russian 25W – Russian Novel in Translation X X
Russian 99BW – Russian Civ. In the 20th Century X X
Scandinavian 50W – Intro to Scandinavian Lit. X X

# Some of these courses will not fulfill the new L&S General Education requirement after Fall 02. Check with your college advising unit listed above for more details.

**English 4W and 4HW are pre-requisites for the English major and minor. Due to the high demand for this class, please choose an alternative whenever possible.

^Please check with individual schools about their acceptance of science-based writing courses.